The roof is an important part of a house and an expensive one at that. Depending on the size and type, putting a new roof in place can cost up to $100,000. Timely repairs increase the life of a roof and hence save money. Here are a few tips to help you know when your roof needs repairs.

Wear around chimneys, vents, pipes, etc.

Usually, a roof is more susceptible to weaken around openings like chimneys, vents, and pipes that penetrate it. Identifying and repairing wear in those areas as early as possible will lend more life to the roof.

Damaged shingles

Periodically inspect your roof for shingles that are missing, starting to crack, curling at the edges, darker in color than others, or wet. Get those replaced to prevent further damage to the roof. If the number of such shingles is very high, you may need a new roof entirely.

Leaks in the attic

It’s a good idea to check your attic regularly, especially after a rainstorm. Wetness in the attic, sagging roof deck or sunlight coming through the roof are signals that all is not well. The reason could be a simple one like some missing shingles or loose/rusty flashing or a complex one like problem with the underlayment. Get a professional inspection of the roof done immediately.

Signs of moisture on the exterior or interior of the house

Blistering or peeling of the exterior paint of the house could mean humidity is building up along your roofline. Similarly, moisture on the ceiling or interior walls could also be a sign of a faltering roof. If you see either of the above, arrange for a roof inspection and get the necessary repairs done.

Roof particles in rain gutters

Cleaning the rain gutters periodically is a good habit. If you notice granules of roofing material, pieces of shingles, or sludge in your gutters regularly, the health of your roof is declining. You should get professional help on the impending roof repairs in such a case.

Roofing system approaching end of life span

Most roofing systems have an average life span of around 20 years, which may increase or decrease depending on the material used and prevailing weather. Is your roof approaching that age? Have your roof maintenance costs surged in recent years? If yes, it’s probably time to plan a complete roof replacement.


If you follow the tips provided in this article often and act on time, the necessary roof repairs will be more localized. That will not only help lower the damage but also increase the overall life of your roof.