A large, grown-up tree is a sight to behold. It stands tall and proud with its branches extended in all directions like its hugging the air. The leaves sing and dance with the changing tunes of the weather. It provides you shade, protection, fragrance, and possibly flowers and fruits too. There is something very stately about large trees. But everything is not that hunky-dory. Trees can pose some real dangers to your life and property. You may want to have a reputable tree service company inspect your trees. Let’s take a look at some of those hazards and find out how to safeguard yourself.

Falling Branches

This is an obvious and very real threat that large trees present. You are especially at risk during strong winds, rainstorms, and snowfall. A free-falling branch won’t discriminate when it is falling. It can cause considerable damage to your property or even yourself.

tree pruning
Tree pruning

What to do? As a general rule do not plant a tree within a 15-20 foot radius of your house. It will keep your property safe from intruding branches. Also, cut the dead and decaying wood. Look for any signs that show the tree is diseased, bug-infested, hollow, or weak. You need to regularly inspect your tree for that. Use abinoculars to observe the top of the tree. You can hire an expert for the job too, they are called arborists and goes by the popular name of tree-surgeons. Just do whatever it takes to keep the tree in a trimmed form.

The Root Problem

The roots of a large tree can cause some real troubles. A root is the mainstay of the tree that keeps it affixed to the ground. It also provides nutrients from the soil. The roots can go deep under the ground and cause mayhem with your water and sewage pipes. The roots may entangle the pipes to suck water leaking from the pipes’ cracks. This may cause the pipes to burst someday causing serious damage. The roots can also go under the foundation of your house and cause it to tilt, or become uneven. In the long run, it can even lift your house from underneath. Roots can also suck the water from underneath your house’s foundation and make it shaky and vulnerable.

What to Do?

Again, do not plant a large tree close to your house or where water and sewer pipes are running underneath. Certain trees go deep down the ground. Know about those particular species and take care while planting them or do not plant them at all. If you have trees close to your home, then keep inspecting your water and sewer pipes. See that the water is flowing freely and there is no obstruction in it. If you suspect anything, call for help. Sewer-cleaning companies have cameras that they send down to see what the human eye cannot. Any trouble can be easily detected.


It’s no doubt trees are a bounty from nature. They bring innumerable benefits to us. But we need to be careful while co-existing with them. They inadvertently may harm us. It is up to us to safeguard us to avoid some major disaster.